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Please email me for any option you want that isn't listed.
!!You are responsible for ordering the correct belt size!! If you are not sure of your belt size please read the above. I can not take the belt back if you order the wrong size.
Please measure your belt size correctly and be sure to allow for the gun and holster, if you will be using this belt with a iwb holster. If you're not sure of your belt size please do a search online, there is plenty of information on measuring your belt size. Your belt size is not the same as your pant size so please double check before you order as YOU are responsible for ordering the correct length.

Way too many people take a guess based on their pant size and it will be incorrect!! PANT SIZE IS NOT YOUR BELT SIZE!!!
It is best to measure your old belt to be sure the size is correct. If ordering a belt to be used with a iwb holster be sure and allow for the extra room a iwb holster needs. Please use the picture above to help get your correct belt size.
All my belts are made from a double layer of 7 - 8 oz leather and now they are finished on both sides of the belt.
These photos are old and I will be updating them soon.