Nelson Holsters - Caldwell County, North Carolina
Made in the USA..

My name is Ervin Nelson. I'm a former fire fighter/EMT of 13 years. I started a small family owned business several years ago making quality custom leather holsters.
It all started when I couldn't find a comfortable inside the waistband holster. I had bought and tried every available holster on the market. During this time, I came across K&D Holsters and purchased the Dakota Defender, and I was truly surprised because it was a pretty comfortable holster... more so than any other holster that I had tried, but it was still missing just a little something.

After giving it some thought, I made the decision to make a holster based on the design of Kevin Manley... the proprietor of K&D Holsters. I made a few little tweaks here and there, and when I finished this custom holster, is was without a doubt the most comfortable inside the waist band holster I have ever worn. It has become the holster that I carry my full size Beretta 92, 1911, XD 45 and Glock 17.
About five years later, I heard that K&D had closed there doors. I truly hated to hear that, and I wish them all the best!! So, I contacted Kevin and asked him if I could bring his holster design back with the design modifications I'd made. Kevin replied by saying...

"Nice to hear from you. With respect to making holsters I'm no longer making those nor do I intend to make any in the future. So you're free to do what you wish with respect to making one following our design. Best of luck to you. -- Regards, Kevin"

So here I am making holsters! incorporating the best design and features from Kevin Manley (K&D Holsters) and my own (Nelson Holsters). All my holsters are made exclusively from the best quality veg tan tooling leather I can find. Because I shop for the very best quality leather, my holsters may vary slightly in price; however, I will always pass any savings to my customers. Every aspect of Nelson Holster's are made by me and done by hand... the old fashioned way which produces the very best quality and longest lasting product available. Starting from the marking of a pattern, cutting it out, sewing it, wet molding, boning, burnishing, and every single step, including the finishing, is done by hand. You can rest assured your holster is extremely well made, very strong and ready for years of service.. that you will be proud to pass on from generation to generation if you choose to do so.

If you have any questions please send me an email at or a message from our contact us web page, or give me a call at (828) 729-3415.

I will be glad to help you in any way I can. I look forward to assisting you with your holster needs and appreciate the opportunity to earn your business.

Sincerely, Ervin Nelson