If upon delivery of your Nelson Holster you discover any problem with fit, finish or stitching within our line of holsters please contact us and we will make any necessary changes to correct the problem.

Please pick your holster model carefully as I build each and every holster one at a time and only use the best leather that is available. So based on this we do not offer refunds or exchanges based on you ordering the wrong holster for your needs. (ie: never used a iwb holster but want to give it a try) If you have any questions please ask me before you place an order, I sell mostly to folks who are professionals and who carry on a daily basis and this is what im used to so again if you're new to concealed carry and have questions please ask me first before you place an order.

We do not allow any exchanges, returns or refunds on custom holsters not designed and/or tested by Nelson Holsters. If this applies to you, it would be your design and therefore you own it.
I have made thousands of holsters and use only the very best tooling leather and finishing products I can find. It is always my intention to make each holster as perfect as my human mind and body possibly can. Since I am a person, not a machine, making these holsters it is not unheard of for me to make a mistake here or there however, I do stand behind my holsters and will be more than happy to make any changes to correct my faults. I appreciate each and every one of my customers and will continue to strive to please them with my crafts. I also strive to provide the best customer service possible and treat each customer with the utmost respect... I expect the same in return. I do my very best to be honest and fair with everyone and, again, expect the same in return. I will never send a customer a holster with my name on it that I wouldn't be proud to carry myself.
In a nut shell if there is something wrong with one of my holsters I WILL make it right even if I need to make another holster for you but it will be the same model holster. I try to as honest as possible with anyone I deal with and I expect the same
What do I consider a faulty holster...

Bad stitching (stitching coming apart).

Gun fits too loose, my holsters fit tight unless you order it loose.

Bad finish/hardware.

Clips can break over time with any brand but if you have one that breaks in a reasonable amount of time give me a yell and if its one ive made ive got ya covered. If its been a long time I may have you to pick up the shipping on them.
What is not covered...

Holster isn't right for my body type.

Iwb just isn't how im going to carry.

Wearing the holster in another area than intended then blaming me when its not comfortable.

Not the right color ( I have three colors that can be clearly seen on my site - Black, Saddle tan and Mahogany)

My holster doesn't look like the photo you have on your site (Most of my photos are with full size guns so the holster size will change with the gun size) a picture of a 5 inch 1911 holster is going to look different than a Glock 42 holster in size.

Im only human and none of us are perfect.. although a lot claim to be. If you have any questions please feel free to ask me.


Each Nelson Holster is made for specific model and gun in its factory configuration. Holsters should only be used for the specific make and model it was designed for. Due to the nature of custom work and the cost of leather once cut there will be no refunds after 5 days. Do not use a holster not designed for that gun. We are not responsible for any misuse of our products. You should always practice proper firearm safety and assume every gun is loaded!! Always practice safety when holstering and unholstering your weapon!! Please ALWAYS keep all firearms out of the reach of children!!