Light/laser /red dot model
Iwb holster only
Viridian lights/lasers only
Please only put in gun models I have in my gun list and be as exact as possible on the gun model and barrel length.

(Example) Glock 17 gen 5.
(Example) 1911 3 inch barrel.
(Example) Kimber Ultra cdp kimber melt and under barrel length 3 inch barrel.

If you don't see your gun model listed please contact me as it is very possible I already have it or can get a mold gun for it. I stay busy working on leather and dont always have my gun list updated.

To contact me...

If you call and get the voicemail please leave a msg and I will call back asap.
Please email me for any option you want that isn't listed.
Please contact me prior to ordering a holster with a light/laser as there are many models out there and a few I can not use. EX( crimson trace rail master)
I need to go over the details with you on what we can and can not do.
Wrangler with TLR-1
!!!!!!!Please have your holster picked out, including any and all options, and added to your cart before you add any of these conversion options.!!!!!!!
Dakota defender with c5l viridian
Stealth with x5l viridian
Light bearing holster conversion
We can convert any holster we offer into a light/red dot bearing holster for an additional fee as we have to make a new mold gun and pattern for each project. We may need you to mail us your light/laser for the build.
I do need the model of your light and in some cases a picture.

Light holsters do take away from the molded lines of the gun so please keep this in mind.
Please have your holster selected and in your cart before adding any of the light bearing options.
To convert a Iwb holster to carry a light we recommend adding the leather/metal reinforcement option. If you have already selected the metal/leather option on the holster just disregard this option.

Viridian offers "Enhanced Combat Readiness"
If this is a feature you would like please add the option as I can not add it later. I use a internal rare earth magnet for my erc builds, not the glue on unit viridian sells.
Wrangler with TLR-7 and a RmR sight