Neoprene backing
Neoprene Backing
!!!Please note the Neoprene Backing may have several puckers as it is basically wrapped like a Christmas present and it is all but impossible to wrap a straight edge around a round corner and not have a pucker!!!!

The neoprene is covered by a material that is very similar the under armor chlothing line that wicks moisture away from your body ( so its not bare neoprene that is touching your skin, it has the moisture covering over it.)

Medical grade Neoprene.
Provides a soft cushioned padding.
100% waterproof barrier to block sweat (moisture).
Has a sweat wicking material that covers the padding.
There is a total of three layers to our neoprene backing.
1 A rubberized waterproof barrier that is bonded to both the neoprene and leather on the holster.
2 the neoprene itself is for both blocking sweat (moisture) and a thin layer of padding.
3 The material covering the neoprene that wicks the sweat ( moisture ) away from your body and provides a very comfortable material against your skin.

Keeps moisture away from your body so you don't get those uncomfortable hot spots associated with most IWB holsters

Once moisture passes through the sweat wicking material it is blocked from coming into contact with the leather and the firearm. (Basically, it's like a second layer of skin pulling the sweat from our bodies to keep us cooler and redirecting the moisture away from the gun.)

The same neoprene combination is used in many medical devices for comfort and moisture blocking abilities.

The neoprene is also sewn on to the holster so that peeling/rolling isn't a problem. Other's who have decided to copy my idea for using neoprene do not use this method.

The actual thickness of the whole neoprene assembly {the waterproof barrier, the neoprene and the moisture wicking material} is only 1mm thick. So that this super thin neoprene backing is super comfortable.

I have a customer who is using a custom variation of a neoprene backed OWB holster and after 3 years of wearing this way has had no issues with tearing, wearing through, wearing out. This will lead to us offering a new dual duty IWB OWB holster in the very near future.
Use a small amount of undiluted Dawn dish detergent or liquid laundry detergent {without bleach}, pour directly onto neoprene and scrub vigorusly with fingers working the soap all over the neoprene, then rinse under faucet, holding at a angle to deflect water only on to the neoprene and rinse until all suds are no longer visible. !!!DO NOT SUBMERGE YOUR LEATHER HOLSTER IN WATER!!!
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Neoprene backing
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Neoprene backing