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Let me start by saying I am a customer, who has also became friends with the Nelsons. Mr. Tim Honeycutt a long time friend of 30 + years told me Nelsons holsters are the best IBW out there. Tim has been carrying concealed since N.C. passed the bill, Tim has used almost every holster on the market as have I.I told Tim I had already ordered a new holster from another company, but he insisted Nelsons " Phoenix " holster is the most comfortable. Tim gave the phone number an I called that same day, JR and I arranged to meet. I meet the Nelsons and was immediately greeted with a warm smile a hand shake an introduced to his wife. We talk for awhile as if we knew each other for years, I proceeded to tell JR that Tim had told me of this new IWB the Phoenix . JR lifted his shirt unsnapped the holster pulled off an handed to me, The first thing I said was here is your pistol "don't worry I trust you" he said with a smile. The quality an feel was unlike any holster I've every held thick heavy duty leather rock hard molded to fit the pistol like a glove. extra heavy stitching reinforcement in the front of the holster to prevent collapse of the holster an a one hand re-holster. I said this is the best holster I have every held, which JR replied "I try very hard to make the best holster out there". I immediately ordered one his wife Betsy took my order they gave me all the color options an belt loop size to choose from. I choose burgundy with 1 1/2 inch loops JR said it would be ready in about 2 weeks, we said good bye an parted. In 5 days I received a call "hey Scott this is Betsy your holster is ready" I was amazed an surprised at the quickness of the turn around time, JR said " well we live in the same county an there is no shipping time" JR handed me the most beautiful holster I had saw or held. I thanked him an his wife JR said " if anything happens to it or is wrong let me know I'll make it right". I left came home an put on this brand new holster, wow it's like I don't even have on a gun or holster. Now I carry a DESERT EAGLE 1911 commander all steel 1911 gun, this gun weighs in at about 34 oz. empty I have 8 round magazines an real ivory grips this puts this gun around 42 oz. I started wearing the holster I sat in an armchair worked outside in the yard took a nap on the sofa an absolutely forgot I had a pistol on. This holster also has no footprint I am not a thick an or heavy man I can hide this 1911 with a white tee shirt as the clothing gets looser it is impossible to spot I am carrying concealed this is a must as no one needs to know I carry, which is the hole purpose of concealed carry. I called JR to tell him how much I liked his holster, then we talk an I made a comment on going to buy a new belt. JR said " I plan on making belts I'm going to make pistol belts something that will hold up under weight of the gun an use" I said when, he said " in a week I'm waiting on leather". I told him I want a belt he said "give me the measurements an I'll try it". JR called in a couple of days he said "you sure you want that length it doesn't seem to work out let's meet an I can see your old belt". When we meet he said "who's belt" I told him he said " Oh no not one of his belts bet you got his holsters to" we both laughed an I said it's an old one from the late 90's JR said "well I can make one better than that". He got want he needed for measurement's. In about 4 days I received a call " hey Scott its Betsy your belt is ready" I said wow that was quick, Betsy said " JR wants rid of that belt your wearing an put his on". Now I have the first belt that was made by Nelson holsters, that being said it is not only beautiful but is over 1/4 thick burgundy in color 1 1/2 inch wide. When I put on the belt with the Phoenix holster it became even more comfortable, I called JR an told him how it had enhanced his holster 10 fold. JR said "well I need to try one I guess" JR has the second belt made by Nelson holster. I the said JR can you make me a phone case I can't find what I want. So we met again me, Betsy, an JR said "what's on your mind" I said well what about one like your magazine pouches. JR said "yea that might work" so Betsy drew out my phone on a piece of paper, JR said I'll put a regular snap so it doesn't hurt the screen". Betsy "said what a burgundy to go with the belt" then she said " maybe you could ghost it with black like that one holster you made JR", I told him to use his imagination he is an artist after all. Well in the mean time I called JR an said hey can you make me a wild bunch style 1911 holster an belt? JR said " Sure I like a challenge" so we meet the next day. I told JR I know want I want I can see it in my head just cant tell you, we all laughed so him an Betsy pulled up western style holsters. I said that's not it I said how about a Phoenix an a Laredo defender mix so we started do draw an made changes on the hood of his vehicle, well we came up with a Pheonix Laredo defender mix. Now Betsy say's" I think you need to ghost it with black like the phone case." So now I want A 2 1/2 inch wide belt tapered to 1 1/4 inch , " No problem " said JR I told him I wanted extra loops 1 1/2 inch to wear with the other belt, he said "okay". So we parted once again the next day JR called an said " I don't think the holster will look right if I make it for 1 1/2 in loops an 2 1/2 inch " I said what do you suggest he said " well the 2 1/2 loop will look better because the holster will be the same width as the belt it will look better". I told him your the expert that's fine use your imitation I also wanted affixed magazine pouches. Well in the meantime I made mention I may need A IBW for a Browning hi-power JR said " I have one a customer ordered then didn't take it I was going to put it in the local gun shop for sell". Well now I have 2 phoenix holsters both are excellent one black one burgundy. Well in about 5 days Betsy called and we met I now own the first Nelson leather phone case, the first Nelson 1911 wild bunch style rig, that is the most beautiful gun leather holster belt an mag pouches. I then ask, JR can you make a knife sheath for this rig I have a fixed blade Black Jack knife an need a sheath . In about 2 days Betsy called I picked up the sheath which is burgundy with ghost black edges, as of now that is all but I have a few more ideas. JR an Betsy Nelson will go that extra distance to insure you have what you want and need they are fine couple with pride an integrity in there work an business. I highly recommend all Nelson leather products all my holsters an belts an sheath are over a 1/4 inch thick my phone case is over an 1/8 inch thick. Nelson leather uses only premium leather fit finish an quality are excellent. JR takes pride in each piece he makes it is a part of him after all. True American made with American pride this is hard to find nowadays. If you want the best holster an belts this is the place. Not only will the Nelsons work with you they respect your wishes, an will work with you to reach your goal of perfection in gun leather. JR has my leather on his custom site please look at all his work an purchase the finest made holsters any where. These are hand made an each is as unique as the man making them

Scott Holmans setup


Scott Holman

Junior, This is Scott Holman. Without a doubt this is the most comfortable holster I have ever owned. I would wear this over a pancake design any day. I haven't had any trouble breaking it in. I started wearing it the same evening I got it from you. I gave it the sitting test and then the laying on the sofa for a nap performed flawlessly. I forget it's there. The workmanship is better than some of the major holster makers out there but I wont name any names because we all know who they are. Your holsters are so reasonably priced that people that dont yet own one yet are really missing out and before long your your holsters are going to be way beyond your competitors. I wouldn't hesitate to carry concealed under a t-shirt or shoot in IDPA matches. It is also very easy to put on and take off. My 1911 fit perfectly in it and came within 1/4" of the end. Please put this in your testimonial.

Scott Holman

P.S. Tim Honeycutt wanted me to ask you how the class was yesterday?
Junior, I thought your holster was comfortable before but with the belt you just made me it's unbelieveable!! If you haven't made one for yourself yet you're really missing out. This is not only the best holster but now you have made the best belt. It truely has made the holster even better than before. I cant thank you enough, this is the perfect #1 winning combo!!

Scott Holman

Mr. Nelson, I recently received my holster, that you custom-made for me. The design, workmanship, and overall quality of this holster is phenomenal. Your concern for my customer satisfaction was refreshing. Your attention to detail was spot on. My future holster purchases most definitely will come from you. Use me for a reference anytime! Thank you once again for a great product!

Tim Nobles Illinois firearms training group

Walter Goodwin

Mr. Nelson I just wanted to send you this email to express how amazed I am at the quality of your holsters. I have owned holsters from some of the oldest and the best (so I thought) high end holster makers including Alessi, Milt Sparks, TT Gunleather and Nossar. While their holsters are top notch I have never had a holster to fit my guns as perfect as your holster does, and the quality is outstanding. My friend you are on your way to being the top dog in the holster making world with the product you put out and your customer service. My first purchase from you was the Wrangler owb holster then the Phoenix. The Phoenix is, simply put, an amazing holster. I have carried concealed for 40+ years and this is the first iwb holster I have ever truly forgotten I had on, and the comfort is unbeliveable with my 1911. Keep up the good work you have earned me as a customer. As long as you keep making holsters like the 2 I have from you already YOU are now my one and only holster man. You are setting a new standard for comfort with your inside the waistband holsters...


All i can say about your new Phoenix holster is simply incredible, you have out done them all.

Billy Styles

Billy Styles I purchased the XCalibur holster a while back and was sceptical when it arrived as it was very firm but after a about 3 weeks of carry it broke in and man this is one heavy duty holster and its so comfortable I dont know how you combined such a feat. This holster will probably out last me. I even feel asleep with it on!! You just dont get a holster made this tough and it be so comfortable..but you did it and i'll be contacting you soon for more (soon as i sell of my current stock pile). Your work is top notch!

Tommy T.

Wow, your customer service blew me away! I wish everone did business like you, and your work is the best i've ever seen. You have a new customer. Thank you for all your help.

Micheal Able

Your craftsmanship is awesome. You're going to be the next big name in the holster making business.


Dear Mr. Nelson I was a die hard K&D holster man until they went out of business so i was excited when i heard that someone bringing back their line of Dakota holsters, but i was totaly surprised to see the quality of your work. You have by far surpassed the product K&D holsters made and your quality is so incredable. I am so happy to have found you.

Brent Howard

Well its been three months since we met and i picked my holsters up from you. First let me say DAMN your a BIG MAN, lol, and you have some of the widest shoulders I've ever seen. As for my new holsters..... I abosolutly love them. The retention, concealment and everything about them is great. I really enjoyed talking to you and your wife too. You are some of the nicest people I have ever met and I hope we can do it again soon. Good luck to you, my friend, you're going places. (Have you ever considered wrestling bears?)

Tim honeycutt

I have been carrying full size combat handguns (1911's, S&W K and L frames, Glocks) since the 80's. I have used IWB and OTW holsters from half a dozen manufacturers. I am now proud to be using the Phoenix model by Nelson Holsters. This is one of the most adaptable designs I've ever used. We have used this model for a Glock 21 and a Taurus 608. Both of these guns are easily concealed due to the design features of of this versatile holster. The holster provides great support and snug fit to the body with no discomfort. The Phoenix presents a very small footprint and amazing comfort. There are days when I may carry a pistol up to 16 hours s day. The natural molding of the Phonix allows me to carry these full size pistols for these long hours with ease. Mr. Nelson's craftsmanship is without par. I have recommened these fine products to anyone who will listen. I can recommend them highly to anyone concerned about carrying real guns in the real world. Tim H. NRA Certified Instructor, NRA RO, IDPA SO, Civillan Instructor RRTC.

Les Hoot, Troysgate, Inc. - 9/2013

This is the best made leather holster I have ever come across. I was very surprised of the high quality, workmanship and the attention to detail. I figured there would be a significant break in period, but Ervin knew where to start and probably what I wanted, so it was ready to go when he handed it to me. I highly recommend a Nelson Holster to anyone that is seriously looking for a quality product at a very reasonable price... given the quality of the leather and workmanship alone, you would be hard pressed to find a better deal anywhere else. I'll be talking to you again for a holster for my next handgun. Thanks Ervin... best of luck and success!

Dear Mr. Nelson
I'm writing to let you know how pleased I have been since
purchasing your " Executive Defender ". For the past six months it has been worn daily and keeps my Colt Commander secure, but " lightning ready ". The holsters
exterior remains as pristine as when purchased and still
holds my weapon securely when held upside down. I would
recommend this holster to all civilians with CCW, competitors, and law enforcement. I look forward to purchasing other samples of your work to other weapons I
may choose to carry. Thank you again for a superior holster
made and delivered much quicker than any holster I've ever
had made.

C.A Greene

Tom Fennell

Received the holster & mag pouch today, they are excellent and beautiful. The gun fits just a little snug but it will loosen up in a day or 2. The belt loops fit exactly how I wanted them, just a tiny bit of play .... PERFECT. I do like the neoprene backing also, it is VERY comfortable. I have to say that you do excellent work in a timely manner at a great price !! Thank you very much, Tom


This holster is very impressive. It is extremely comfortable and I will let you know how it breaks in.

Rhonda Hartley

Just picked mine up yesterday. I have not had a chance to break it in yet. Your stitching is flawless, retention is great, the detail is perfect. My special request (to seat it extra low) was executed to perfection without losing enough spacing to get a quick grip. After 60 presentations it was like second nature. Does not dig into hip like my BH. Reholstering is a breeze unlike my Sticky. Releases everytime but stays put on belt.

Awesome Products Made In The USA.

Shaun Shumate

Also a few comments from members of a forum online

I carry my g30s in a Dakota defender by Nelson holsters. It blew my crossbreed away. It also only took 10 days from the time I ordered it to the time it was at my door.

Nelson holsters goes above and beyond for customer satisfaction.
He made those 2 holsters for me and a 3-slot (for strong side or crossdraw) holster for my Dad's PM9.
He does great work in a very timely manner.
No 16 week turnaround time.
Please contact him or check out his website for prices and turnaround times..
Nelson also makes some nice IWB holsters as well..