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Neoprene Backing

!!!Please note the Neoprene Backing may have several puckers as it is basically wrapped like a Christmas present and it is all but impossible to wrap a straight edge around a round corner and not have a pucker!!!!


• Medical grade Neoprene
• Provides a soft cushion padding
• 100% waterproof barrier to block sweat (moisture)
• Has a sweat wicking material that covers the padding

Two protection layers

Keeps moisture away from your body so you don't get those uncomfortable hot spots associated with most IWB holsters

Once moisture passes through the sweat wicking material it is blocked from coming into contact with the leather and the firearm. (Basically, it's like a second layer of skin pulling the sweat from our bodies to keep us cooler and redirecting the moisture away from the gun.)

The same neoprene combination is used in many medical devices for comfort and moisture blocking abilities.

Examples of holsters with neoprene backing

Dakota Defender
Optional on the Xcalibur